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Wednesday, April 04 2012

Have you ever seen a dirty ring around a bathtub?  It is very disgusting!  I have also noticed that if you go to the DMV and look at the wall behind the rows of chairs you see a darkened, greasy looking spot where countless people have rested the back of their heads.  Yuck.  I tend to be a little germ conscience and thinking about stuff like this is enough to make me want to live inside a plastic bubble.

How is your life Christian?  Is there a ring of sin around you?  Have you left behind, in the view of the lost world, a greasy spot where you once rested?  It is important that you and I keep a clean slate before God.  When the Holy Spirit convicts us it is for the purpose of us getting clean.  Let me encourage you to clean up after yourself so there is no stain of sin where you are.

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Monday, April 02 2012

The NCAA basketball tournament wraps up tonight and we will find our who is the National Champion.  I am not a particular fan of either of the two teams playing tonight although I think both teams are very good and I hope to see a good game.  There is nothing wrong with sports and hobbies as long as they are kept in proper perspective.

In our church last night I preached on Spreading the Gospel to the Lost.  I made the point that we should certainly be more zealous about soul winning than we are about the other issues which seem to occupy our thoughts these days.  Let me encourage you as a Christian to make it a point everyday to witness to someone.  Those lost souls who will spend eternity in Hell will be much more important than the winner of a game. 

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