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Monday, January 28 2013

This next Saturday is Groundhog Day.  Are you excited?  One can already hear the Groundhog Carols in the air, and I'm sure we are all planning our traditional Groundhog Day feasts.  Maybe not.  Anyways, Groundhog Day is supposed to be the day where we find out if we have an early spring or six more weeks of winter.  I'm not sure who began this furry tail (get it?) about the prognostication powers of a small woodland creature, but I do know that no matter what happens on February 2nd we can be assured of one thing.  There is nothing we can do about the future! 

The fact is that many people try to figure out what is going to happen in the future.  Through psychics, fortune tellers, and even groundhogs people want to know what to expect.  It's silly really because even if we knew the future the very fact of a "knowledge" would preclude any possibility of it being changed.  If I know the future and the future tells me that tomorrow I will die in a car accident then I just won't get into a car.  Problem.  If I know the future then I would know that I wasn't going to get into the car and then I would know that I wasn't going to die in a car accident and so it would be okay for me to then get in a car.  My head hurts.

Here's the thing...There is only one way to affect the future.  We must live in the present.  The decisions I make today will affect the future.  The most important decision anyone can make is whether or not to accept Christ.  The Bible says if a person confesses their need for a Saviour because of their sin, and believes that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died and rose again to pay for our sins then they are saved.  Please make the decision today that will affect eternity.  That's alot of future!!


P.S.  I appreciate everyone who reads these blog posts.  I hope they are a blessing to you and I hope that you get a chuckle out of some of my humor.  (Or at least a moment of worry for my sanity.)  Either way, thank you and could you do me a small favor?  Please share these blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and any place else you can think of to share these.  We are trying to increase our church's Social Media presence as well as our web traffic.  Thanks and God bless...

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Monday, January 14 2013
 1,000 pieces. Different sizes. Some with tabs and slots while others have one side smooth to go on the outside. Each piece having only one small, irregular part of a picture. Some people love puzzles. I hate them. they frustrate me and leave me with a sense of being inadequate to the task of bringing order and with it a picture with meaning.

Our lives are like puzzles. We know from the Scripture that our lives should represent Jesus. As we face each event on each day we are left with seemingly irregular shaped pieces. As we struggle to make the pieces fit into the picture we think our lives should be, there is a temptation to try and manipulate the pieces. Can you imagine taking the pieces of a real puzzle and trimming off tabs or widening spaces so the pieces fit together like you think they should? This would never work! So it is with our lives. Instead of trying to make the pieces fit why not allow the Creator of those pieces to show where they fit into His plans? Then you will have a life that is the picture Jesus wants it to be.
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Saturday, January 05 2013

Well it's the New Year.  A time for introspection as well as evaluation of past performance.  This can be a scary time.  What resolutions did I make last year?  What resolutions did I tell other people about last year?  What resolutions don't seem like they would be to hard to do this year?  So many questions.  I hope that each will take an opportunity to make some New Years Resolutions this year.  Hear are a few suggestions.

First:     Read through the Bible.  Each year we challenge the people in our church to read through the Bible in a year.  Each year someone comes to me and tells me what a blessing they receive from reading through the Bible.

Second: Memorize Scripture.  This year we are challenging our people to memorize the book of James.  By memorizing just 2-3 verses per week you can commit the entire Book of James to memory.

Thirdly:  Be more faithful.  This is a broad and generic resolution, but it will affect your entire life.  Be more faithful in devotions, in church, in giving, in loving, in family, in work,  in every part of your life resolve to be more faithful. 

I trust that each of you will have a blessed and happy New Year!

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