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Wednesday, April 24 2013

I have a pretty good sense of direction.  I learned at a young age how to read a map and to navigate my way around cities and highways.  As a young adult I spent some time as an over-the-road truck driver and I managed to plot out my course across country highway and major interstate to reach my destinations on time.  For a good number of years my family and I lived in Omaha, NE.  This means the only thing standing between us and a visit with my parents in Illinois was...IOWA!!  Now, if you have never driven across Iowa you might think "What's the big deal?"  Where Iowa and Illinois share a border along I-80 there are 4 towns known as the Quad Cities.  Along this point you also have the beginning of I-74, and I-88.  With all of the different directions to go on these major interstates, as well as the many off ramps going into any one of the Quad Cities, this area became known to our family as the Bermuda Triangle of Iowa.  I remember one time we were travelling at night and we came to the Quad Cities and I prepared to exit from I-80 to I-74.  I had my wife helping me (which may have been part of the problem)  and I was certain I had taken the appropriate exit.  As we continued down this Interstate I noticed a large store on my right which I had never noticed before.  A little farther along there was a large car dealership, also on my right, which I had never noticed before.  In a few more minutes I noticed a sign telling me the number of miles to Des Moines....Wait!  I wasn't supposed to be headed to Des Moines!  Somehow, I had gotten onto the wrong exit and was heading back the way I had come.  I went to the next exit and got myself turned around and headed back the right way.  I told my wife that we would come across this big car dealership and a big store and this time they would be on the left.  After a short time of driving we saw the sign for the car dealership...on the right!  I couldn't believe it.  Somehow we had gotten turned around again.  After some prayer for deliverance (and a phone call to my dad to talk me through this web of deceitful road signs) we finally got to where we needed to be.

You might ask why I would tell such a story which frankly doesn't paint me in the best light.  Recently I saw a letter from the president of a well known Bible College, in which he laid out the direction of the school.  In this letter he said unequivocally that the school would no longer practice a dress standard which required ladies not to wear pants.  The school would no longer be restricted to just the KJV Bible.  The school would no longer have a demerit system with rules and discipline for conduct.  Finally, the school would now embrace the CCM movement.  In the comments section of this internet post there was a comment from a young man that had been kicked out of the college some years ago for violating many of their rules.  In his bitter post he asked whether or not the school would now refund his money since the reasons he was kicked out were no longer against the rules.  I think he has a valid point.  I can't imagine standing before my church and announcing that we are no longer a KJV only church, or that we will now allow CCM along with our hymns.  To change in such a radical fashion leaves one breathless and confused.   People thought they were headed the right way and all of the sudden, they are told that the way has changed.

In Luke 15:11-32 we find the account of the prodigal son.  In this well known story the son of a rich man takes his inheritance early and blows it all on riotous living.  He ends up in the pig pen feeding pigs and is jealous of the pigs because they have plenty to eat.  The young man comes to his senses and decides to go home to his father for forgiveness.  Imagine at this point if he got up to leave and noticed another man coming into the pig pen.  Upon this new arrival the young prodigal goes to greet him and discovers his father!  The young man would probably cry out in surprise "Father!  What are you doing here?"  The father replies, "I thought about all the fun you said you wanted to have so I sold all my property and came and lived the high-life and now I am broke and hungry...just like you."  Imagine the despair of this prodigal young man who had decided to return to the ways in which he was raised, and which he knows to be right, and now finds that those who told him the right ways had changed their minds about right and wrong!

The Apostle Paul exhorted Timothy to continue in the things he had learned.  It is essential in this day of changing culture and society that their remain a stalwart rock upon which to anchor the souls of men.  When we start trying to change the Gospel to conform to modernism and worldliness we doom men to remain...lost.

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Monday, April 01 2013

This past week has seen a tremendous uproar in Christian circles regarding the Supreme Court and the issue of homosexual marriage.  Obviously, as Christians we believe that homosexuality is specifically mentioned in the Bible as being an abomination before God.  It would be difficult, to say the least, to paint an abomination in a positive light.  The courts are trying to balance, wrongly in my opinion, the law with popular culture and what is considered "acceptable" in society.  They have even tried to just make it a matter of states making their own decisions.  This issue of states rights came to the forefront during the debates of slavery which led up to the Civil War.  The southern states said they had a right to conduct their economy without interference or regulation at the Federal level.  Therefore they could not be told that they couldn't have slaves.  It is true that our constitution was puposely set up to have strong State level government with very limited Federal government.  It is also true that slavery was both culturally, and societally acceptable at the time.  It is also true that slavery was absolutely wrong!  It didn't matter that the states had rights.  They had no right to redefine what was right and wrong based on their own culture, or societal acceptability.  Right is right.  Wrong is wrong.

There are many Christians today who advocate the doctrine of Individual Soul Liberty as a "right" to live however they want to live.  The truth about Individual Soul Liberty is this:  Each person must have an individual relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Bible says that upon salvation we are "sealed" with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirity has His work of convicting us of sin and of righteousness, and of judgement.  In other words it is up to the Holy Spirit to "define" for us whether or not something is sin.  The pop-culture or the latest ruling of the Supreme Court will have no say in whether or not homosexuality is a sin.  Likewise, the Believer has no say in whether or not the things in his/her life are sins.  If the Holy Spirit says it is sin, then it is sin.  The individual has liberty to either obey or reject the Holy Spirit's determination.  If we obey there are rewards, and if we reject then there are consequences.  What we never have is liberty to live as we want without God's Holy Spirit weighing in with conviction of sin and of righteousness.

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