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Friday, February 03 2012

I freely admit that I know next to nothing about sailing.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have even been on anything larger than a pontoon boat.  However, there are some things that are pretty much common knowledge about the maritime world, and one of those things is that the Captain of the ship is unquestionably in charge.  His word is absolute law and woe be to the lowly sailor who disregards the Captain.  Another well known bit of nautical knowledge is that the Captain is completely responsible for everything which happens on his vessel.  One of the best known ship captains was the captain of the Titanic.  Even though he was not the sailor on watch he was responsible for the deaths of all those who perished in the frigid North Atlantic.  Being the captain of the ship is a position which requires leadership.

Not long ago I was talking with my youngest son and I told him that all of us have responsibilities of leadership over someone.  He asked me who he was the leader of since he was the youngest.  I told him he was the leader of Duke, our golden retriever.  Then he asked who Duke was the leader of and I replied that Duke was the leader of Maggie the cat.  My son thought for a moment and said "but Duke is afraid of the cat."  I replied "well then Duke is not a very good leader is he?"  I find more and more that people who are supposed to be in positions of leadership are afraid of the very people they are responsible for and end up not taking the leadership role which is theirs.  This is true even in churches.  I am saddened at the number of pastors I hear about who change their stand on things because their grown children have compromised.  There are also some pastors who change what they preach because the demographic of their congregation has changed and the "old paths" are no longer palatable.  This is not good leadership.  Since when does the steering wheel of a car go in the back seat?  Of course it doesn't.  The responsibility of the cars forward progress, stopping, and steering right or left all belong to the driver.  He is the leader. 

Whether you are a pastor, deacon, Sunday school teacher, music director, or whatever position you hold in your local church make sure you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a leader. 


Pastor Moore

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