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Wednesday, February 15 2012

My family has a phrase they use when plans go horribly wrong.  They call it "David Luck."  It seems that I have a knack for having the worst possible outcome to most of my plans.  Yesterday being Valentine's Day, I had decided to surprise my wife with flowers, a nice card, and a box of chocolate.  Ok, really I was hoping to score most of the chocolate for myself.  Anyways, I waited until she was asleep and then went outside to our vehicle to bring in her gifts.  As I walked up the stairs on our deck "David Luck" kicked in.  My foot slipped forward going between the stair tread and the next riser.  My shin crashed against the wooden plank and I fell forward onto my hand which had recently been operated on.  As my hand gave way beneath me I rolled onto my back and slid, on my posterior, to the bottom of the stairs coming to rest sprawled in slush and snow.  Fortunately for me the flowers, nice card, and box of chocolate were there to break my fall.  As I tried to stand up I looked at the top of the stairs to see my dog looking at me with a very concerned look on his face as if to say, "are you ok Dad?"  When I went inside, instead of a beautiful Valentine's display of romance and affection, I left some slightly damaged flowers, a dented box of chocolates, and a smudged and damp card signed "I am sorry that I crushed your flowers, candy, and nice card when I fell down the stairs.  Love, Dave."  Hopefully next year will go better.

Do you ever feel like your plans go terribly wrong?  The truth of the matter is that when we make plans without God's input we are destined to fail miserably.  I have counselled with folks who have told me all their plans for who they will marry and when, what school they will go to, and what line of work they will pursue.  When I ask them what God wants for them they will usually respond that they are "open" to what God wants them to do.  Wait a minute.  We don't get to consider God's will for our lives as an option!  We are to be submitted to His Will and seek His Will with our whole hearts.  Psalms 37:23 "The steps of a [good] man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way."  It is the responsibility of God to come up with our plans.  We are to delight in His way.  Are you delighted in God's way for you?  Do you constantly try to convince God that your way is better?  Or maybe you don't even give God the option and you just tell Him what you are going to do and expect Him to still be ok with that.  The best laid plans...they never work out right.

Make God's will for your life a priority.  Don't make your plans without consulting with Him first.  Make following God the only plan for you, and maybe you won't end up crushing something important when you fall. 

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