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Friday, March 09 2012

Do you have any great family traditions?  Some families keep their traditions going for generations.  Other families don't seem to really place any value on doing things a certain way.  In churches the matter of tradition has gotten a bad reputation in the last few years.  The problem comes from first, churches substituting tradition for doctrine, and secondly, when the tradition is a good one, not explaining the reasons for the tradition to the newer generation of members. 

In the Emergent Church movement one of the main ideas is that tradition somehow gets in the way of the Gospel.  I find it telling that these non-traditional churches are in fact establishing their own traditions.  One example is the area of Sunday night services.  I have heard some of these Emergent Church groups criticize Baptist churches for having Sunday night services.  They brag that they don't follow this tradition.  Then they have their own tradition of NOT having Sunday night services.  The fact of the matter is that what the Emergent Church is trying to do is "just be different."  The problem is that difference is not found in tradition.  Difference is found in doctrine.  If a church wants to stand out and be different they might want to try staying true to the Word of God!  In this day of trying to please everyone the Emergent Church movement misses the mark of trying to please the Saviour. 

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