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Monday, January 14 2013
 1,000 pieces. Different sizes. Some with tabs and slots while others have one side smooth to go on the outside. Each piece having only one small, irregular part of a picture. Some people love puzzles. I hate them. they frustrate me and leave me with a sense of being inadequate to the task of bringing order and with it a picture with meaning.

Our lives are like puzzles. We know from the Scripture that our lives should represent Jesus. As we face each event on each day we are left with seemingly irregular shaped pieces. As we struggle to make the pieces fit into the picture we think our lives should be, there is a temptation to try and manipulate the pieces. Can you imagine taking the pieces of a real puzzle and trimming off tabs or widening spaces so the pieces fit together like you think they should? This would never work! So it is with our lives. Instead of trying to make the pieces fit why not allow the Creator of those pieces to show where they fit into His plans? Then you will have a life that is the picture Jesus wants it to be.
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