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Monday, February 25 2013

Some things are worth taking the time to do.  My family enjoys microwave popcorn, but I like popcorn made the old fashioned way.  I know my way takes longer, but to me the taste makes it worth it.  it seems like no matter how quickly something is done people still complain that they don't have time to wait. 

It is unfortunate that this mentality has become prominent in Christians.  People don't want to wait for the Lord to do something in their lives.  I have counseled people who have said that an absence of an immediate act on the part of God they took to mean that it was ok to go ahead and do things their way. 

In the book of Ephesians it tells us that we are to be "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."  The word Redeem means to purchase back something of value that was sold.  Have you given thought to the fact that when Jesus paid for your sins He purchased you unto Himself?  Since He purchased you and me that means He also owns our time.  To redeem time which belongs to the Lord it must be purchased back with something of value.  Give thought this week to the things which occupy your time and ask yourself if they are worth God's price.  While you are at it quite staring at the microwave and wishing it would cook your popcorn faster.

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