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Tuesday, March 19 2013

I freely admit that I am a politi-nerd.  I LOVE elections, campaigns, political talk shows, and I even watch C-SPAN some times.  I like to read about past political campaigns and the intrigue which invariably attaches to those intellectual battles.  The battle of ideas is what politics is really about. 

A few years ago someone coined the phrase "Big Tent Politics."  In other words, they wanted to expand their political party to include differing opinions.  I scratch my head in wonder at the idea that someone thinks they can win an argument by accepting the other sides opinions.  This would be like going to a football game and counting all the people wearing the other teams colors as being on my side.  It doesn't work.  In politics if you have to adopt the policies of the opposing party to win then you haven't won.  The other side has one.

There are many Christians today who have adopted Big Tent policies of their own.  They want to be known as Evangelicals instead of Fundamentalists because they will have more friends.  They want to adopt worldly philosophies and practices because it will appeal to a broader base of people.  They haven't won.  The other side has. 

We have a fantastic heritage as Christians with the faith and practice which Jesus taught the Apostles and which is recorded in the Word of God for us to follow.  If we decide to do away with those beliefs, to let in people who don't agree, we are doomed to failure in the Christian life.  So, stand firm on the Fundamentals of the Faith!!  Don't compromise, don't waver, and don't quit! 

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