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Saturday, March 23 2013
 I read in the paper this week that some people are having difficulties in their jobs because of things which they had shared on social networking websites.  I'm sure most people could tell of someone they know who had a marriage broken or some other relationship severely damaged, and they blamed social media or the internet.  

First of all, let's be clear.  The internet is an inanimate object.  It can have no motivations of it's own.  It cannot be evil or good it can only be used for evil or good.  For people to blame an inanimate object for things which happen in their lives is to shirk responsibility for their own actions.  It is similar to the gun control argument being made today by people that guns kill people.  Guns don't kill people.  People kill people.  The internet doesn't ruin people's lives.  People ruin people's lives.  

Secondly,  I think it is important to note a word of caution which is deceptive in it's premise.  People are being cautioned regarding what they put on Facebook or Twitter in case the content should be compromising.  The true caution would be to avoid an situation wherein you ARE compromised!!  Just because nobody posted pictures of you on the internet doesn't mean that God doesn't know what you are doing.  The motivation for the believer should be to avoid all appearance of evil.  Not to avoid having their wickedness posted for all to see.

Finally I would like to encourage people to remember the Sunday School song "Oh Be Careful..." Whether it is your eyes being careful what they hear, or your feet being careful where they go, or even your fingers being careful what they type, we need to be careful in all things to make sure we glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.  

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