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Monday, March 25 2013

  If you have followed this blog for long you may know that I usually set the post to publish at 8:00 A.M.  Today I set it to publish at 10:00 A.M.  Why?  Because exactly 24 years ago today at 10:00 A.M Pamela VanNatta became my wife.  She was a Baptist Bride.  I am sure that some who read the title went into a fit of rage thinking I was declaring myself to be a "Baptist Brider."  HA HA.  The joke is on them. 

I will devote another post on another day to discussing Ecclesiology and what it means to be a Doctrinal Baptist.  Today I just want to thank my wife of 24 years for sticking by me through it all.  When we were dating she used to say to me that she didn't want to marry a Pastor.  I told her no problem, because I had no intention of being a Pastor.  I remember the day I surrendered to God's will for my life and wondering if she would stick with me.  She did.  I have known other Pastors whose wives have driven them out of the ministry through complaining, or through having a bad spirit, or even through greed for money, and I see the failure of those ministries and I thank God for my Baptist Bride.  I have known some Pastor's wives to spend as much time tearing their husbands down as the Pastor spends trying to build the church.  I thank God for my Baptist Bride.  I remember when I was preparing to enter the ministry and my wife, looking ahead with fear and trembling to being a Pastor's wife, crying and saying she didn't think she could do it, but she did it anyway.  I thank God for my Baptist Bride. 

When my mom passed away in 2009 I said at her funeral that I was privileged to have known two of the finest Pastor's wives ever.  My mom, and my wife.  My wife will tell you how much she learned from my mom about being a Pastor's wife.  The reason she learned was because she understood the important part that a Pastor's wife has in her husbands ministry.  I thank God for my Baptist Bride. 

I love you sweetheart.  Thank you for marrying me and for helping me and for loving me.  Thank you for being my Baptist Bride!!

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