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Monday, April 01 2013

This past week has seen a tremendous uproar in Christian circles regarding the Supreme Court and the issue of homosexual marriage.  Obviously, as Christians we believe that homosexuality is specifically mentioned in the Bible as being an abomination before God.  It would be difficult, to say the least, to paint an abomination in a positive light.  The courts are trying to balance, wrongly in my opinion, the law with popular culture and what is considered "acceptable" in society.  They have even tried to just make it a matter of states making their own decisions.  This issue of states rights came to the forefront during the debates of slavery which led up to the Civil War.  The southern states said they had a right to conduct their economy without interference or regulation at the Federal level.  Therefore they could not be told that they couldn't have slaves.  It is true that our constitution was puposely set up to have strong State level government with very limited Federal government.  It is also true that slavery was both culturally, and societally acceptable at the time.  It is also true that slavery was absolutely wrong!  It didn't matter that the states had rights.  They had no right to redefine what was right and wrong based on their own culture, or societal acceptability.  Right is right.  Wrong is wrong.

There are many Christians today who advocate the doctrine of Individual Soul Liberty as a "right" to live however they want to live.  The truth about Individual Soul Liberty is this:  Each person must have an individual relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Bible says that upon salvation we are "sealed" with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirity has His work of convicting us of sin and of righteousness, and of judgement.  In other words it is up to the Holy Spirit to "define" for us whether or not something is sin.  The pop-culture or the latest ruling of the Supreme Court will have no say in whether or not homosexuality is a sin.  Likewise, the Believer has no say in whether or not the things in his/her life are sins.  If the Holy Spirit says it is sin, then it is sin.  The individual has liberty to either obey or reject the Holy Spirit's determination.  If we obey there are rewards, and if we reject then there are consequences.  What we never have is liberty to live as we want without God's Holy Spirit weighing in with conviction of sin and of righteousness.

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